• The Management commits itself to treat all employees equally, regardless of race, religion, color, sex, age, social status, etc. of an individual.
  • The Management aims to be free of any type of discrimination in all its areas of activities including recruitment, hiring, discipline, discharge, pay, promotion, work assignment, scheduling of working hours & training.
  • Exceptions to non-discriminatory policy may be allowed where local laws require that the employer give preference to individuals of certain protected or favored status.
  • The Management also aims to protect its employees against any acts of harassment like bullying, intimidation, degradation, sexual harassment etc. at workplace. Management will look into all such reported matters through appropriate complaint handling process.
  • We provide dignity and self respect to each individual working in the organization.
  • We provide a free and fair management which is committed to developing the potential of its employees; recognize efforts and reward performance.
  • We provide a congenial and friendly workplace which is eco-friendly, safe and healthy.
  • The Senior Management is very approachable and committed to employee welfare and growth.
  • Age, Academic qualification has never come in the way of employee growth in the company.
  • We have an amazing work environment and a strong commitment to technical excellence so that we can build the best products to help people all around the globe.
  • Management is committed to respect for individual, openness and trust, fairness, honoring promises, creating a learning organization and leading by example.
  • Presscotech Engineering Limited believes in employee?s learning & growth.
  • The Training and Management Development activities of Presscotech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. form a part of the continuous process in integrating the organization needs with the needs of individuals for growth and development. Training & Development needs are identified through the Performance Management System, and discussions with the Head of the Departments, Annual Training Calendars are prepared and Programs and Workshops are organized periodically.
  • Trainings to develop functional skills are given importance. Soft skill trainings like personality development, communication, team work, improving the workplace behavior, planning and organizing, etc. are imparted as a continuous learning process. Individuals are encouraged to learn from market place, customer project sites through site visits and interaction.
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